Experimenter Information
Policies governing use of "Experiments@Penn" web-based recruitment system
  1. Permission to use the system is revocable at any time.
  2. The system may ONLY be used for experiments in which participants are paid for their participation.
  3. The system may ONLY be used for experiments which have been approved by the Office of Regulatory Affairs at the of University of Pennsylvania (http://www.upenn.edu/regulatoryaffairs/IRB.html).
  4. Emails may NOT be sent out to the participant pool without prior consent of the recruitment system administrator.
  5. When scheduling experiments, you MUST provide all relevant information (e.g., the room number of the experiment), including contact information (phone number and/or email address) for the experimenter.
  6. Please ensure that after experiments are conducted, information regarding who has participated is updated.
  7. Use of the system entails the reciprocal obligation of aiding in publicizing the recruitment website. Recruitment materials are available from the recruitment system administrator.