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.Behavioral Decision Experiment

Payment: Up to $20 (minimum $10)
Duration: 45 minutes
  • Thursday, Dec 8 - 2:00 PM (6 slots) register
In this study, you will make decisions in an interactive environment. You will be paid according to the decisions you make.

Eligibility criteria:
- between 18 and 35 years old
- fluent in English
- no history of neurological or psychological disorders

African Americans with Anxiety

Payment: up to $75 each
Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Thursday, Oct 25 - 1:30 PM (5 slots) register
Is any of the following true for you?
• I worry a lot about things that don’t bother other people so much.
• I am afraid of and avoid situations that are not really dangerous, for example,
o Public transportation and crowds.
o Traveling away from home or being home alone ...(full description)

Dynamic Network Neuroscience and Cognition

Payment: $70
Duration: 3 hours
  • Wednesday, Feb 1 - 8:00 AM (65 slots) register
***PLEASE disregard the listed session and time. We are currently ONLY recruiting individuals that have previous experience participating in a TMS study at Penn. If you would like to participate, please e-mail medaglialab@gmail.com to schedule a screening phone call***

The Laboratory for Cognition and Neural Stimulation is conducting research to ...(full description)

Emotion and Decision Making Study

Payment: $10
Duration: 45 minutes
  • Monday, Dec 5 - 3:00 PM (3 slots) register
  • Monday, Dec 5 - 4:00 PM (2 slots) register
  • Thursday, Dec 8 - 3:30 PM (2 slots) register
  • Thursday, Dec 8 - 4:30 PM (2 slots) register
  • Friday, Dec 9 - 2:30 PM (0 slots) register
  • Friday, Dec 9 - 3:30 PM (2 slots) register
  • Friday, Dec 9 - 4:30 PM (2 slots) register
IF YOU HAVE PARTICIPATED IN A PREVIOUS STUDY WITH THE KABLE LAB (involving imagination, visualization, and/or decision-making), YOU ARE INELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS STUDY. You must be between 18-35 years old, have a Social Security Number (for payment purposes), and must not have participated in a prior study in our lab to be eligible for this ...(full description)