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Formal Reasoning and Analysis Courses (all)
In contrast to Quantitative Data Analysis courses which deal with inductive reasoning, courses designated for this requirement focus on deductive reasoning and the formal structure of human thought, including its linguistic, logical and mathematical constituents. These courses emphasize mathematical and logical thinking and reasoning about formal structures and their application to the investigation of real-world phenomena.
Course Title Course ID Cross Listings
Introduction to Computer Science CIS 101
Introduction to Computer Programming (with Java, for beginners) CIS 110
Programming Languages & Techniques I CIS 120
Introduction to Cognitive Science CIS 140LING105/PHIL044/PSYC107
Formal Logic I LGIC010PHIL005
Introduction to Cognitive Science LING105CIS140/PHIL044/PSYC107
Introduction to Formal Linguistics LING106
Introduction to Calculus MATH103
Calculus, Part I MATH104
Calculus, Part II MATH114
Calculus, Part II with Probability and Matrices MATH115
Ideas in Mathematics MATH170
Analytical Methods in Economics, Law, and Medicine MATH180PPE180
Music Theory and Musicianship I MUSC070
Formal Logic I PHIL005LGIC010
Logic and Formal Reasoning PHIL015
Introduction to Cognitive Science PHIL044CIS140/LING105/PSYC107
Introduction to Decision Science PPE 110
Analytical Methods in Economics, Law, and Medicine PPE 180MATH180
Introduction to Cognitive Science PSYC107CIS140/LING105/PHIL044